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Be Courageous

Your Mental
Health Matters

Be Transparent. Be Honest. Be Consistent. Be Human. Be Courageous.

Be Human. Be Courageous. Be Transparent. Be Honest. Be Consistent.

Inclusive mental
health advocacy for
queer and black people

Here at The Courage Culture, we strive to be a resource of empowerment for people of the black and queer communities struggling with their mental health. And as an inclusive mental health nonprofit, we’re creating a culture of courage and want you to be a part of it.

Join us in promoting a message of love, courage, and confidence by spreading awareness of inclusion and diversity in mental health.

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Mental Health
Programs For
The Culture

Dope & Depressed

Dope & Depressed is an ongoing program for black men and women. Here we give space for groups or individuals to talk, share, and listen about their experiences being black and/or queer.

Sync with a Mental Health Professional

At The Courage Culture, we connect our community with mental health professionals for free.

Courage in the Community

We highlight how The Courage Culture is working within the community with black men and women in the queer community who are dealing with depression and other mental health issues.

Support Groups

It takes a village and we want to connect you with your village. Join a support group of like-minded individuals.


In need of meaningful discussion about mental illness?

Listen to The Courage Culture Podcast with Jesse Crumbley III, Ph.D. With various guests, he discusses important topics about mental health, entrepreneurship, and other cultural, local, and world events.

Interested in hearing impactful conversations about mental illness, current events, and various aspirations of Dr. Jesse Crumbley III, guests, and the community?

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